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Goal Line Software specializes in customized fantasy football league sites for "non-major" leagues, such as the Arena Football League and Indoor Football League, where there is currently no league manager site available. You give us your rules, we will do everything we can to set up a site for you.


The Goal Line Software League Manager will tally scores and help tabulate the standings, providing you with detailed box scores. It will provide schedules for your fantasy league and the professional league you are playing with. Your owners will be given a password to make lineup changes and free agent requests, and they will be locked from lineup changes at game time for each player. No more posting lineups to a message board that owners can edit after the deadline. Add your own stories to your league home page or use the message board we provide for you.

We will work closely with you to make sure your rules are set up properly and the site functions the way it should. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome. Email us and tell us how we can help you.

** Important: for some leagues, free agent stats may not supported. For pricing information, send an email with the real league you wish to use, the number of fantasy teams you expect, and the rules you would like to use.

We are not promoting ourselves as the next Fanball.com or CBS Sportsline commissioner. They have a lot of features we can't offer. We are simply providing a site for owners who wish to play a more non-traditional fantasy game; one that the big boys don't support.

In the Arena Football League's heyday, Goal Line Software hosted 30 fantasy leagues per season. The AFL may be on life support, but we can still form a fantasy league for the AFL if that's your thing. AFL, CFL, IFL - and other sports besides football!

Goal Line Software currently hosts the following leagues:

Now taking signups for the 2019 Fantasy CFL Season!! The Canadian Football League may be small, but we can create leagues where each division has its own fantasy draft. Play Fantasy CFL head-to-head, like fantasy was meant to be!

FCFL - Fantasy Canadian Football League - each four-team division in this league drafts from its own player pool.
Fantasy Canadian Football League Maple Division
Fantasy Canadian Football League Leaf Division
Email if interested in joining this unique league!

Now taking signups for the 2019 Indoor Football Season!!

IFL/CIF Combo League (combining players from the IFL and CIF Indoor Leagues to form one fantasy league).
Champions Internet Fantasy League IFL Division
Champions Internet Fantasy League CIF Division
Email if interested in joining this unique league!

Now taking signups for the 2019 Alliance of American Football Season!!

Lots of options available - your rules can be used to create a H2H AAF Fantasy Football League.
Email if interested in setting up a league!

Contact us about your fantasy football league!